SHG's Project

Palamu district in 20 blocks regarding NABARD and Government of India the project of WSHGs started from 22nd of July, 2012. In this project of WSHG's women are being joined for the improvement of their economical strength.

In this WSHGs project by the help of Anchor NGO (BPYP) has provided Cash Box, SHGs Register, Passbooks, Cashbook, Ledger without any charges.

Objective of the Scheme

1. To provide access to Sustainable banking services for the poor households through SHGs.
2. To converge delivery of Social Development Programmes to the poor through the micro finance programs.
3. To promote livelihood development of the poor through SHG.
4. To empower women.

With our activities in Self Help Groups, Vocational Education and Training and Dahar Educational Projects, we have changed many lives.
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