Vision of Bihar Pradesh Yuva Parishad

BPYP’s Vision is to create opportunities of gainful self employment for rural families’ especially disadvantaged sections, ensuring quality education, sustainable livelihood, enriched environment, improved quality of life and good human values.

Mission of Bihar Pradesh Yuva Parishad

1. Educational, social, moral, physical and cultural development of youths in Rural & Sub Urban areas.
2. Establishing the means of opportunity for livelihood generation
3. Support services for deprived and destitute groups (SC, ST Indigenous caste, women, marginal & small farmers, labourers, old aged people and children)
4. Development of natural resources, regeneration of village based traditional skills and proper management of prevalent Govt. infrastructures & facilities for the betterment of deprived and destitute in the rural and sub urban areas.

With our activities in Self Help Groups, Vocational Education and Training and Dahar Educational Projects, we have changed many lives.
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