Goal of Bihar Pradesh Yuva Parishad

Overall development of rural areas through promotion of young generation and other subsidiary development processes.

Objectives of Bihar Pradesh Yuva Parishad

Organizing programs for educational, social, moral, physical and cultural development for the youth groups in rural and sub urban areas.
Regeneration and In- practice Culture of village based traditional skills amongst youths and marginalized.
Generating the opportunities of employment through establishment of small cottage and business enterprises for self employment in rural areas.
 Service providing for women, helpless men, old aged and children who are economically deprived in the society.
Organizing training and workshop for the target people at all lever for self sustainability.
Facilitating the target rural mass for problem /issue solution in the society through traditional hand works like embroidery, painting etc, and others like development of wasteland, commercial and entrepreneurship training, health & family welfare camps, environmental promotion.
 Publishing the research papers and studies on problems and needs related to the society for the development of the society.

With our activities in Self Help Groups, Vocational Education and Training and Dahar Educational Projects, we have changed many lives.
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