Historical Achievements / Milestones for Bihar Pradesh Yuva Parishad

Leadership development in youths and prevention of middlemen support
Mobilization of women folk for village based organizations and resource development
22 acres of land owned by the organization for mini cottage training institute for women empowerment donated by villagers.
Completion of 21 watershed project with sustainable outputs in 48 villages in Manika block of Latehar district and Bishrampur block Palamau District.
Worked in various livelihood models and grounded it successfully in Palamau and lateher district such as:
Successfully implemented Revival of Lac cultivation project with 500 farmers in Palamau and lateher district in collaboration with IINRG, JSLPS & CWS.
Introduction of Improved Poultry rearing intervention “Krolier Breed” in a farm mode with 50 Self Help group’s in Palamau and Lateher district.
Successfully implemented Off Season Vegetable Cultivation Project applying Drip irrigation technology in collaboration with JSLPS in Palamau district.
Successfully implemented SRI “System of Rice Intensification” project in 250 Acres of land with 800 number of families in collaboration with NABARD, SPWD & CWS.
Successfully implemented Market Access project in with farmers in Latehar District in collaboration with CWS.
Successfully implemented DAHAR "Education" project in with 20 Village, 35 Schools in Palamau District in collaboration with LGSS/DF/EF.
Successfully implemented VET "Vocational Educational Training" project in with farmers in Latehar District in collaboration with CWS.

With our activities in Self Help Groups, Vocational Education and Training and Dahar Educational Projects, we have changed many lives.
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