Profile of Bihar Pradesh Yuva Parishad

BPYP Name of Contact Person : MR. AJAY KUMAR SINHA
BPYP Postal Address : Moh.- Abadganj (Near Mission School),
P.O. + P.S.- Daltonganj,(Medininagar) Dist.- Palamau,
Pin – 822101
State – Jharkhand
Mob-9431147597, 9801335455
BPYP Year of establishment : 02/10/1985
BPYP Legal Status  
  1.    Society U/S XXI 1860, No. 370/89-90 (Old) Bihar
       Society U/S XXI 1860 No.425/2007-08 (New) JH.
  2.    FCRA No. - 337790006
  3.    12A (94/12A/2000-01/1489-90)
  4.    80G (80(G)(5)(VI)/VIII-55/07-08)
BPYP Major Areas of Work
(Development Issues
Addressed by
the Organization)
Child Rights & Child Marriage
Gender Equity
Self-Help Group (SHG)
Vocational Educational Training
BPYP On going activities :
Promotion of WSHG
Food & Nutrition Security
LEDP (Goatry)
BPYP No of Staff :
Full time Women 1 Man 4 Total 5
Part time Women 28 Man 22 Total 50
Total Women 29 Man 26 Total 55
BPYP Facilities Available :
22 Acres of land in Manika Block office of the organization.
One rented computerized office at head office at Daltonganj, Palamau.
One office cum training centre at Manika with 4 rooms, one verandah and 3 halls of capacity 40 x 4 batches and other accommodation facilities.
One office cum training centre at Satbrawa with 3 rooms, one verandah and 1 halls of capacity 40 x 2 batches and other accommodation facilities
One office cum training centre at Polpol with 2 rooms, one verandah and 1 halls of capacity 40 x 2 batches and other accommodation facilities
Equipments :- Table – 6, Almirah – 6, Rak – 3, Chair – 50, Computer- 3, Box - 2, Dari - 10, Disel pump - 5, Steel Almira- 4, Revolving Chair-2, Visitor Chair-8, Motorcycle- 3, Printer- 3, Computer Table-3, Plastic Chair-12, Laptop-3, Inveter-1, Fan-3, Digital Camera-3, Water Pump set-8, Generetor-2, Tharesar-1,
BPYP About organization (brief history, core work & impact, geographical focus, structures, etc) : Previous history of the organization :-
The organization is non - profit making, non- political and social institution established on 2nd October 1985 and got registered under societies Registration Act 1860 XXI on 15th of January 1990. Further, the organization received the permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs to seek; and utilize the foreign contribution and donations.

The organization is established by like – minded youths that were engaged in Nehru Yuva Kendra for the purpose rural development interventions and youth promotion in district of Palamau, Latehar and Garhwa.

Its historical achievements/ milestones:-
  1. Leadership development in youths and prevention of middlemen support
  2. Mobilization of women folk for village based organizations and resource development
  3. 22 acres of land owned by the organization for mini cottage training institute for women empowerment donated by villagers.
  4. Completion of 21 watershed project with sustainable outputs in 48 villages in Manika block of Latehar district and Bishrampur block Palamau District.
  5. Successfully implemented Revival of Lac cultivation project with 500 farmers in Palamau and lateher district in collaboration with IINRG, JSLPS & CWS.
  6. Introduction of Improved Poultry rearing intervention “Krolier Breed” in a farm mode with 50 Self Help group’s in Palamau and Lateher district.
  7. Successfully implemented Off Season Vegetable Cultivation Project applying Drip irrigation technology in collaboration with JSLPS in Palamau district.
  8. uccessfully implemented SRI “System of Rice Intensification” project in 250 Acres of land with 800 number of families in collaboration with NABARD, SPWD & CWS.
  9. Successfully implemented Market Access project in with farmers in Latehar District in collaboration with CWS.
  10. Successfully implemented DAHAR "Education" project in with 20 Village, 35 Schools in Palamau District in collaboration with LGSS/DF/EF.
  11. Successfully implemented VET "Vocational Educational Training" project in with farmers in Latehar District in collaboration with CWS.
  12. Successfully implemented 2500 Women Self Help Group project in with Women in Palamu District in collaboration with NABARD
  13. Successfully implemented Rural Water & Sanitation Scheem project in with Targeted Villagers in Garhwa District in collaboration with DW&SD (World Bank)
  14. Successfully implemented Child Marriage project in Palamu District in collaboration with LGSS
BPYP Vision of the organization : BPYP’s Vision is to create opportunities of gainful self employment for rural families’ especially disadvantaged sections, ensuring quality education, sustainable livelihood, enriched environment, improved quality of life and good human values.
BPYP Mission of the organization :
  1. Educational, social, moral, physical and cultural development of youths in Rural & Sub Urban areas
  2. Establishing the means of opportunity for livelihood generation
  3. Support services for deprived and destitute groups (SC, ST Indigenous caste, women, marginal & small farmers, labourers, old aged people and children)
  4. Development of natural resources, regeneration of village based traditional skills and proper management of prevalent Govt. infrastructures & facilities for the betterment of deprived and destitute in the rural and sub urban areas.
BPYP Goal / Objective of the organization :
Goal :-:- Overall development of rural areas through promotion of young generation and other subsidiary development processes.

Objective :-
  1. Organizing programs for educational, social, moral, physical and cultural development for the youth groups in rural and sub urban areas.
  2. Regeneration and In- practice Culture of village based traditional skills amongst youths and marginalized.
  3. Generating the opportunities of employment through establishment of small cottage and business enterprises for self employment in rural areas.
  4. Service providing for women, helpless men, old aged and children who are economically deprived in the society.
  5. Organizing training and workshop for the target people at all lever for self sustainability .
  6. Facilitating the target rural mass for problem /issue solution in the society through traditional hand works like embroidery, painting etc, and others like development of wasteland, commercial and entrepreneurship training, health & family welfare camps, environmental promotion.
  7. Publishing the research papers and studies on problems and needs related to the society for the development of the society.

With our activities in Self Help Groups, Vocational Education and Training and Dahar Educational Projects, we have changed many lives.
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